Data Centres

TKR specialise in the design, construction and maintenance of IT rooms, server rooms and Data Centres.  Our work encompasses new builds, refurbishment, expansion and upgrading. 

We plan and conduct the civil engineering, mechanical and electrical works to create a modern facility that is sustainable, functional and controllable. We are uniquely skilled to handle all essential considerations including, but not limited to, power, air-conditioning, fire prevention, monitoring, room fabric, flooring and security.

We can offer a range of services from structural and civil modifications to complex electrical fit out including uninterruptible and standby power facilities.

At TKR we are also qualified to undertake refurbishment or expansion projects, ensuring they are compliant with the latest environmental and safety requirements.

The construction and location of the building is an especially important consideration when it comes to Data Centre design.  Recent standards define the ideal structural element and geographic location of the centre.  Planning and environmental considerations are paramount. TKR has vast experience in dealing with these issues whether they are associated with new build or refurbishment and upgrade of existing facilities.

Data Centre
Our mission is to create efficient, cost effective and technically superior facilities which are flexible, scalable and able to meet the ever changing power and cooling demands of latest generation IT equipment.